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Band Members

Gavin Bain - Vocals
Robert Bayley - Bass
David Knight - Drums
Scott Masson - Guitar
Tony Sabberton - Violin

Current Label


Hopeless Heroic don’t just make music they create soundtracks to chase your dreams too. Throw Rage Against the Machine, Billy Talent and Hanz Zimmer into a blender and you have that monstrous sound Dr Frankenstein would have been proud of. Inspired by real incidents and a smorgasbord of influences the one thing that makes Hopeless Heroic stand out head and shoulders above the rest is that only these 5 musicians; Gavin Bain, Tony Sabberton, David Knight, Rob Bayley and Scott Masson could have come up with this Epic Punk Rap Juggernaut.

Formed in 2007, the story of how Hopeless Heroic came into fruition is one of the greatest rise from the dirt sagas of recent times and provides the happy ending to Gavin Bain’s critically acclaimed Autobiography California Schemin’ (Straight Outa Scotland). Forming HH may have saved Gavin’s life but each member attests to the fact that joining Hopeless Heroic has been a life changing experience.

For 3 years HH have been building an army of followers and winning over the Rock radio and press with the innovative sound and inspirational motives featured on their self-released ‘Mechanical Lions’ EP. Most of 2010 was spent performing breath taking live shows that caused tremors throughout the underground.

After releasing a track-a-month to their fans on their website and selling out theirfan only ‘Brasco’ EP at live shows, HH have decided to officially release an extended 8 track Directors Cut version on This June on the eve of the band headlining Rockstar Energy Drink’s ‘The Harder They Fall Tour. All of this to keep the fans teeth sharpened for their full length debut album ‘Become the Monster’ scheduled for September 26th 2011.

Occupying a space of mind far from the stereotypical world of Rock and Roll and egotistical landscape of celebrity culture, Hopeless Heroic is simply 5 inspirational guys who have built something from the ground up and are out to prove to their legions of loyal fans that anything is possible and that the pursuit of a dream is worth dying for.

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